400 Blows- French film

Topics: The 400 Blows, François Truffaut, Antoine and Colette Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: April 17, 2013
The French film, The 400 Blows, directed by François Truffaut, is about a troubled young boy named Antoine Doinel, who attempts to find meaning in his life because he has not been given the acceptance and respect for who he really is, which would enable him to become his real self. Antoine gains a sense of mistrust of his mother when he sees her kissing another man, cheating on Antoine’s stepfather, which compromises their relationship. Antoine’s main motive in the film is to find true value in his life, but he loses his desire to strive for a career as a writer after his teacher humiliates him for plagiarizing Balzac, and he realizes that his mother’s offer to give him 1,000 francs if he gets a good grade on his paper is merely a bribe to keep him from telling his stepfather about her affair. In the film, Antoine is shown as a troubled boy who is not being raised well by his mother. Since Antoine was born to an uncaring mother, he cannot be blamed for the choices he makes. Antoine’s mother doesn’t accept who Antoine is because she never wanted Antoine to exist in the first place, which is why she has no respect for Antoine from the start. When Antoine’s mother is introduced in the film, she treats Antoine as if he was nothing more than an inferior child and a mistake. Antoine’s mother doesn’t play her role as an accepting mother because she doesn’t give Antoine any guidance; therefore she prevents Antoine from becoming the person he wants to be. In the scene where Antoine and Rene skip school, Antoine sees his mother making out with another man; therefore he gets the impression that his mother is not true to the family. It triggers Antoine’s mistrust for his mother. Afterwards, his mother decides to be deceptive toward Antoine by bribing and act kind towards him in order to get him not to talk about her affair. Although his mother is nice to Antoine for the first time in the film, giving Antoine noble advice, Antoine isn’t surprised by the mother’s new...
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