400 Blows

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: January 24, 2014
The movie 400 BLOWS is about a young boy named Antoine who was very unfortunate. The movie was directed by Francios Truffaut, and takes place in France and was released on May 4, 1959. The boy, Antoine, was raised in a very unstable home and after being treated poorly for so long, runs away and gets into lots of trouble. In the beginning of the film Antoine’s parents were not very supportive and very inconsistent. Antoine was very independent and was perhaps trying to grow up too fast, no doubt to get away from his parents. In James Berardinelli review, he states Antoine parents thought of him as an “inconvenience who cannot be ignored,” and their lack of care may have caused problems in Antoine’s life. I agree with James Benrardinelli; Antoine’s parents played a key role in Antoine misbehavior. In the movie it was clear that Antoine’s mother did not give him the love and nurturing he needed for proper and healthy development and growth. One of the first times she appears in this film is when she comes home and does not show any concern for Antoine, instead vainly checks herself out in the mirror. She is very short tempered with Antoine in a majority of the film, except when she was being extra nice so Antoine would not tell his father he saw her kissing another man. His mom’s infidelity was likely a key factor in Antoine’s rebellion. Just imagine being a young boy and coming to find your mother cheating on your father, and then having to keep it secret. Also he sees his mother lying to his father by not telling him about it, which may have made Antoine more comfortable with lying. In Ebert’s review he says that there were also many happy moments throughout the movie such as, when they all went to the movie, but even that scene seemed fake. It appeared the mother was trying to keep Antoine quite through bribery about the affair. Another point on bad parenting occurred when his dad found out that Antoine lied about skipping school, his dad came into...
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