An Analysis of I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: October 24, 2006
The parents in im not scared act badly. But we feel sympathy for them, discuss.

Im not scared is not just about sympathy but , plays a part in this novel whether or not to take Michele's side of innocence or take the adults side of evil , but also putting in perspective is kidnapping an innocent child right or wrong ,to provide for a family or to provoke from another. However as the text shows there are no real loving bonds between these Italian families. But as the book progresses the more distant all characters relationships become especially between Michele and pino , so can sympathy be shun a upon these law breaking adults ,were their kidnapping actions a want in their life of poverty on never the less a need to survive.

Michele's life revolves around his father, always wanting his approval and loves him as not only as his dad but his absolute idol. And with out no doubt trusts his father's judgement, well at least from the start. Sympathy toward the parents is scarce as the parents in this novel hardly treat their children well, even when they look at them with every second of attention.

The parents in this story are all morally weak with notions that they are doing this act of kidnapping for their children and families to go live in the north, but are they really, from segments in the book showing cruelty as Michele's mum, teresea spanks him just for being home a little late, and bear in mind pino his father always giving him the most eveil look."He was sitting in his armchair with the newspaper in his hands looking at me with toad's eyes, the worst toad's eyes I had ever seen". Yet they weren't worrying about Michele being out all day, just worrying about their secret, yet having no remorse for Young fillipo being trapped in a hole a being treated to a point of hallucination..

However the parents work hard all day and night well at least the men in the small town of aqua traverse , bringing in the same salary , every week , and trying to feed...
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