3 year marketing Plan

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Company G is a fast growing company that focuses primarily on providing quality computer fans for a wide range of consumers. We provide service to the normal everyday users and avid computer gamers. This marketing plan will focus on Company G's new product line, which is an environmental friendly computer fan that can appeal to a wide array of PC users. Mission Statement

We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing innovative electronics solutions. Company G allows consumers to choose from eco-friendly computer fans that reduces our environmental footprint in the world. This electronic is innovative in that it is made with recycled plastic. To date it has not been reproduced by any other company. By providing eco-friendly products which are made from recycled plastic and biodegradable will allow consumers to have a better quality of life. Product Description and Classification

Our new product will provide an environmental friendly computer fan that is made from 100% recyclable plastic. As our product line is upgraded we will allow the fans to be traded in for smaller and newer styles. The fans will be produced in two styles, one for the common user, and the other for people who are considered computer gamers. By using 100% recyclable plastic, our computer fans are lessening the environmental impact on the world, but will also allow the consumer to get a quality product. Consumer Product Classification

Our product will be considered a specialty offering. When people search for fans they always want the ones that are light in weight, cooler, and, use the least amount of electricity. When you see our logo you know that it represents a quality product. Target Market

Currently within the world, there are over two billion PC's. This number is expected to reach around five billion by the year 2020. People of all ages have become more aware of the environment and now understand Global Warming and how every product purchased has an impact. Therefore, people are willing to spend more time looking and inspecting items they buy instead of making blind purchases. Our target market will focus on the PC game player because they tend to purchase and upgrade computer fans more often than the regular home user. We will be focusing on people between 26-40 years of age, both male and female. The average age of PC game players is 38, with 51% being male and 49% being female, and with household incomes between thirty and sixty thousand dollars. Competitive Situation Analysis

Analysis of Competition using Porter's 5 Forces Model
Rivalry – Considering we are in the PC fan business, our main rivalries will come from companies that cater to the same target market. These companies will mainly consist of Antec, Thermaltake, Corsair and NZXT. Potential New Entrants - Potential new entrants could enter the same market as direct competitors. The competitors listed above focus more on fans that last longer versus ones that perform better. New start-,ups may want to focus on providing eco-friendly fans as well.

Bargaining Power of Buyers – The buyer makes the biggest impact regarding bargaining power. We are focusing on providing a high quality eco-friendly product for a higher price, rather than spending less money on our product just for the sake of beating our competitor.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Our main supplier which is Reprocessed Plastics Inc. offers recyclable plastics exclusively to my area. This is one of the main threats associated with producing eco-friendly fans. If they decide to start charging more for their product then we will be limited in our production as compared to standard PC fans made from metal and other materials.

Threats of Substitute Products - There is no direct alternative to what we are offering. Our main threats will come from the companies listed in the rivalry section because they...
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