2Why We Must Practice A Healthy Lifestyle

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Why Should We Practice A Healthy Lifestyle?

General Purpose: To persuade.

S.P.-At the end of my speech my audience will agree that there are a lot of benefits in practicing a healthy lifestyle and everyone should practice a healthy lifestyle.

C.I. A healthy lifestyle must be practiced because it promises you good health, strong heart and good stamina and also a high quality of life.

Working out and eating well leads to a healthy lifestyle
Working out and eating well is something everyone should do. Everyone should practice a healthy lifestyle.

ETHOS- you can trust me when I tell you that a healthy lifestyle gives you a lot benefits, I’ve researched about this topic and I’ve been practicing a healthy lifestyle for a long time.

Attention getter: I'll show a video of the effects of a non-healthy lifestyle.

M.I.1 Healthy lifestyle gives us good health.

(I) By having a healthy lifestyle we can prevent a lot of illnesses for example: flu and fever will not attack us when we are are in good state and Automatically we are saving our health care cost and reducing doctors visit. These all can be achieved by practicing a healthy pattern as part of your daily or weekly activities.

(II) LOGOS-Eating healthy foods generally costs more; however, a habit of eating cheaper junk foods can lead to obesity which is quite expensive in terms of health care costs and lifespan. Here is a look at what are costs to live, depending on whether you choose a healthy lifestyle or slide into an unhealthy.

(III) Eating salt, sugar and fat triggers the body to want more unhealthy foods. Eating or drinking a lot of sugar puts undue stress causing our body to store fat. Being overweight or obese, would lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer. According to statistics, 29.1 million people or 9.3% of the population have diabetes, where 8.1 million people are undiagnosed.

According to the Center of Disease Control And Prevention, adult obesity rates increased in six states over the last year. Mississippi and West Virginia have the highest rates of obesity at 35.1 percent, while Colorado has the lowest rate at 21.3 percent. Twenty states have rates at or above 30 percent, 43 states have rates of at least 25 percent and every state is above 20 percent. Florida’s rate is 26.4 percent. Other healthy issues caused by non-healthy habits are : Brain exhaustion and depression, stomach and intestines constipation and weak bones and muscles.

We have seen the benefits of being in good health. Next, I'll show the other benefits.

M.I.2 We will get good stamina and strong heart by living healthily.

(I) With a healthy lifestyle we can strengthen our heart muscle. A strong heart muscle can be achieved by doing cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise. When our heart muscle is strong, it increases the heart's efficiency.

(II) As we age, our bones biologically begin to lose mass and strength. Weight-bearing exercise such as walking and strength training helps slow the onset of and/or prevent osteoporosis and some research shows that participating in such activities can actually build bone density and begin to reverse the disease.

(III) We will also get good stamina by living healthily. Stamina is gives you endurance, the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue. We will get steady flow of stamina and strength. it enables us to perform activities and exercises that will enhance our flexibility.

As you all realized how greatly these simple things could make a big impact, now let's see the last benefit I will share.

M.I.3 Healthy lifestyle ensures you a high quality of life.

(I) Better sleep at nigh, Higher level of energy throughout the day and Higher success...

Bibliography: http://stateofobesity.org/adult-obesity/
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