12 Angry Men Analysis

Topics: Jury, Henry Fonda, Logic Pages: 3 (1295 words) Published: April 7, 2009
12 Angry Men Summary Fucking hot in the room…say something about the environment Coach -sets the stage for the negotiation by assigning seats based on juror number -said “you fellas can handle this any way you want to, im not going to make any rules”…he should have assumed more of a leadership role from the start -showed signs of becoming a good mediator by redirecting Advertising man’s attention back to the discussion. But then, he said to HF “and we might be able to show you were you were mixed up.” -Coach offered to hand control to GO after GO called Coach a kid…caused a confrontation should have separated people from problem. Took shit too personally -did nothing when Ad man and MSO played TTT…gave up leadership role to HF -changed his vote @ same time as Ad Man after knife angle argument Mild-Mannered Bank Clerk Had no good reason for guilty vote. “I just think he’s guilty.” -changed his vote to NG during the formal vote -finally asserted himself with argument of knife argument. He’s good at dodging personal attacks Message Service Owner -Tried to form alliance with Mild Mannered Bank Clerk -stated facts from trial -whipped out the picture of his 22 yr old kid. Kid ran away from fight and MSO embarassed. Vowed to make a man out of him. This shows interests other than the trial at hand. Revenge? -was playing tictactoe with Ad Man during discussion of L train…not playing by -after demonstration of old man walking to the door, he fucking blew up and called himself one of the kids executioners…clearly has other interests -told HF he’d kill him fucker yells a lot -ad man changes vote back to guilty and MSO is stoked and brings hung jury up again. watchmaker calls him out of personal interests -ripped the pic of his kid “rotten kids you work your life out.” Cried and changed his vote to not guilty. End of the movie. Everyone leaves. HF helps him with his jacket and waits for him to gather his things. Did not thank him. He’s still a...
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