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Database and Direct Mail Marketing, Targeting the Right Customer In 2009, Forrester Research Inc. released a survey about consumers and their attitudes towards direct marketing. The survey found that only 10% of consumers believe that the direct mail marketing they receive is relevant. Consider e-mail and the relevancy drops to 7%. Additionally, 62% and 66% of customers feel that they get too much direct mail and e-mail marketing, respectively. This disparity shows that there is a need to refine the process of targeting customers with offers. Studies have shown that when more directly targeted mailings are utilized, marketers get 5–10 times the response rate and a 20–30% increase in sales. Prudent utilization the data collected from various marketing channels is a feat that few companies are accomplishing today. For example, fragrance and beauty supply company Sephora has been able to aggressively target its consumers based on their shopping channel (online or in-store) as well as the type of product they purchase. They use this knowledge to deliver relevant information to the customers based on their profile. Targeting marketing by Sephora has garnered increased response rates and market-share gains. Source: Zmuda and Bush (2009).

1. Jelaskan perbedaan antara pendekatan database pemasaran tradisional dengan database berbasis nilai pelanggan (value-based)! 2. Menurut Anda, mengapa di masa sekarang-sekarang ini, konsumen menjadi semakin tidak percaya pada pesan pemasaran 1 arah, seperti pada hasil penelitian di atas? Apa pemicunya? Jelaskan jawaban Anda! 3. Berdasarkan fenomena seperti yang dijelaskan pada hasil penelitian di atas, bagaimana dampaknya terhadap cara pemasar membangun hubungan dengan pelanggan? 4. Perusahaan menginginkan untuk menjalin hubungan dengan pelanggan, tapi menurut Anda, apakah pelanggan juga menginginkan hubungan tersebut? Berikan argument Anda!
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