11 Tips for Using Flip Charts More Effectively

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11 Tips for Using Flip Charts More Effectively
by Lenny Laskowski
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While everyone seems to be interested in creating high-tech computer generated presentations, the flip chart still continues to be the most effective presentation media of all. One should not assume that investing a lot of money in high tech visual aids & equipment will "make" your presentation. The best visuals have been and still are the simplest. Remember, the purpose of using visual aids is to enhance your presentation, not upstage it. Since most presentations are delivered before small groups of 35 people or less, the flip chart is the perfect size. I feel the flip chart will continue to be the workhorse of most training seminars. There are several advantages of using a flip chart. Here are just a few: 1. Flip charts do not need electricity - You don't need to worry if the bulb will burn out or worry that you forgot the extension chord. 2. Flip charts are economical - They do not require you to use any special films or printers to produce them. 3. Color can be added very easily - An inexpensive box of flip chart markers allows you all the creativity you want. 4. Flip charts allow spontaneity - Any last minute changes can be easily made. In today's world of high tech computers, fancy software and sophisticated infomercials, many presenters today feel they have to create a presentation which shows off their ability to use computers and their latest clip art library.

Although the software available today does allow everyone the ability to create colorful slides and overheads, we often find that the visuals become the presentation and not the speaker. As a speaker, your visual aids should not be the presentation. You are! Even though flip charts are low tech, they are reliable and don't require any special skill to use them but here are some tips to help you use them effectively. 1. The best flip chart stands have clamps at the top and will...
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