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1.2.2 conclusion

By AshwathRamesh Oct 20, 2013 322 Words

Conclusion 1.2.2 Ashwath Ramesh
1. Why are there sutures on the human skull? What does this tell you about the actual structure of the skull? There are sutures on the skull because when you were born the skull was six parts and that allow the head to come out of the birth canal, then it will mend together into 3 parts.

2. Think about the structure and function of your backbone. Why do you think there are discs of cartilage between the bones in the vertebral column?
There are discs of cartilage because that is what protects each vertebrate from grinding against each other, which would cause fractures and a lot of pain. 3. What is the difference between a true rib, a false rib and a floating rib?

The true ribs are the ribs that connects to the sternum and made up of bone. The False ribs is made of cartilage and connect to only the bottom of the true ribs. The floating ribs are made of cartilage and also only hold on the false ribs. 4. A man was in a car accident and fractured cervical vertebrae, his femur and his 5th metatarsal. Explain his injuries to a “non-science” person. The man in the accident broke the bones in the lower part of his vertebrate. He also broke his small toe and his thigh bone.

5. What are the main functions of the human skeletal system? The main function of the skeletal system is to make the blood cells for the circulatory system and also to hold the tissue of the body.

6. Describe how differences in our skeleton can contribute to our identity. The differences in size and shape of most skeletal parts can determine our identity. Our gender can be determined by the shape of our bones, mostly the pelvic. Race can be determines by features of the maxilla and skull. Age and height can be determined by the size of most of the body parts.

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