communication, regulation and homeostasis

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Unit 4 Assignment 1: Reading Guide for Unit 5

Which minerals are stored in bones? Calcium and phosphorus

Which type of bone provides a large, flat surface area for muscle attachment? Flat bones

Describe the location, composition and function of the epiphyseal plate. Located in the metaphysis where the bone forms an articulation with another bone, composed of hyaline cartilage, reduces fiction and absorbs shock at freely movable joints.

Which kind of bone marrow is in spongy bone tissue? Hemopoietic (red) bone marrow

Which ossification method would form a femur? The femur is formed through the endochondral ossification process. This is where bone replaces the cartilage. There are six steps in this type of ossification and they are as follows: the development of the cartilage model, the growth of the cartilage model, the development of the primary ossification center, the development of the medullary cavity, the development of the secondary ossification center, and the formation or articular cartilage and epiphyseal plate

Why is bone remodeling necessary when a person reaches adulthood? It renews osseous tissue before deterioration sets in, it heals injured bone, it redistributes bone along lines of mechanical stress

Which marking of the skull articulates with the first cervical vertebra? Occipital condyles

Which bone forms the inferior part of the nasal septum? The vomer

How many bones make up the upper limb? 30 bones

Which part or parts of the femur articulate with the acetabulum at the hip joint? The head of the femur. Communication, Regulation, and Homeostasis


1. Define homeostasis.

A steady state or equilibrium between all systems and processes within the body. Provide relative stability of internal environment; results from constant adjustments; regulated by regulatory processes; requires system interplay.


2. Define normal limits.

These are narrow ranges on either side of the...
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