1.1 Explain The Ways In Which The Termination Of Employment

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Q1 A) Explain the ways in which the contract of agency may be terminated.



A contract of agency and how the termination would take place is a topic by which we come across different meanings and understandings of the term contract employment. The contract between a company and its employee is an important factor towards making the job understandable as well as clearing the terms and conditions which are to be agreed in the contract.

The contracts of employment Act 1963(Employment Law 2014, P.87) had stated that it was the requirement of the employer to present the employee with a brief statement setting out the duties and responsibilities of the employees. Such a contract is mandatory for every company to act
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The case of the principle exercising his right would be known as revocation, it could be in the form of an express or implied method. The other act is known as renunciation which is carried out by the agent. Either parties have the right to terminate the contract if any damages or loss occurred during the period of their contract or if either the principle or agent feels their terms and conditions were not met during any given situation in the …show more content…
The principle had a farm and had made a lease of the farm for Collen, Later he had died and then Collen had no authority to validate or carry out his lease. The court had held that the Principles representatives were liable for the lease made to Collen as he had implied the principle had the authority of the farm to make the lease. Such a case is an example of death caused to either of the principle or agent by which the contract is either terminated or liable to the personal representatives of either

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