# 003 Food Has Become Easier to Prepare

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Topic 3: Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Type: Hypothetical/opinion COOKING
Do you cook for your family every day after work? How many times do you cook dinner in a week? Nowadays, all around the world, most people prefer quick meals during the day. According the Quick Recipes Magazine, modern man spend less time to cook in comparison with twenty years ago. There are several reasons why people don’t consume time to prepare food.
The first and most important reason is easier preparation techniques. To begin with, thanks to technological improvements, there are lots of kitchenware to make cooking effortless. For example, onion is the important part of Turkish cuisine. It was very difficult to cut it into very smaller parts before without any grater machine. In addition, there were no deep freezers or refrigerators. People should have cooked and consumed at the same day. That’s why they cooked every day and took long time. However, in our day the people prepare lots of meatballs and keep it in the deep freezer. Therefore, they can heat in the cooker a little when they want. Moreover, there are lots of precooked meal options in the supermarkets. For instance, precooked chicken nuggets need to be heated just 4-5 min in the microwave oven. Then dinner is ready.
The other reason is fast-paced life style. Firstly, people are too tired to cook dinner since they work longer than before and working conditions and transportations make them exhausted. Secondly, modern man thinks that cooking or eating is wasting time in vain because they have longer to do lists. This includes, most of people prefer ready to serve foods. Finally, mothers should have cooked everyday according to society in the past. On the other hand, they have more important things to do even if they are not paid employment such as giving importance of their self-improvement, doing

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