The Diary Of A Young Girl


June 13 - November 27, 1943

Summary: June 13-November 27, 1943

For Anne’s fourteenth birthday she receives a sweet poem from her father, which Margot translates from German into Dutch. Anne also feels grateful and “spoiled” because of the gifts she receives from others, including a book on mythology and plenty of candy. Sadly, Bep’s father Mr. Voskuijl is diagnosed with stomach cancer and told that he doesn’t have long to live. Anne considers this an “unforgiveable error” on the part of the doctors, since now Mr. Voskuijl can’t even work or leave the house; he must stay at home with his eight children “brooding about his approaching death.” With Mr. Voskuijl out of the warehouse, the residents of the annex have also lost an important contact person.

Anne has become nearsighted and needs glasses, but after some discussion the family decides not to attempt smuggling her to an eye doctor. Anne is relieved, as the thought of leaving the hiding place terrifies her. Mr. Frank is optimistic about the war ending soon because the British have landed in Italy. Anne keeps herself busy studying, and wants to go back to school when the war ends. She politely asks Mr. Dussel if she can use the table in their room to study for two hours twice a week, but he refuses, dismissing her studies as less important than his own. Mr. Frank intervenes on her behalf, and Anne is happy for the small victory.

Burglars break into the office one night, taking cash, checkbooks, and all of the sugar rations. On July 18, the north of Amsterdam is heavily bombed, destroying entire streets and leaving at least two hundred dead and many more wounded. Anne hears tragic reports of children searching among rubble for their dead parents. A week later, the group in the annex hears loud air raid sirens and more bombs fall. Anne trembles in fear as their section of the city is engulfed in smoke and fires burn on the harbor. The raid continues into the night, and Anne is so frightened that she climbs in bed with her father. In the morning, everyone...

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