The Diary Of A Young Girl


June 12,-July 5, 1942

Summary: June 12,-July 5, 1942

Anne begins writing on her thirteenth birthday, June 12, 1942. She expresses her hope that she will be able to fully confide in her diary and that it will be “a great source of comfort and support.” Anne has just received the diary as a birthday present, and she describes the events of her birthday. She wakes up early and finds several presents on the table, which she lists in detail, saying that the diary is one of her favorites. After opening her presents, Anne goes to school with her friend Hanneli, where she passes out cookies and plays volleyball with her schoolmates. Later, she receives more gifts from her friends and her aunts. The following Sunday, Anne has a birthday party. She and her friends talk about a movie starring Rin Tin Tin, and she receives more presents. Anne writes brief descriptions of each of her classmates at the Jewish Lyceum, mentioning what she perceives to be their good qualities as well as their bad qualities. She says that a girl named Jacqueline is “supposedly” her best friend, but that she’s never had a “real friend.” Anne says that she has many “admirers” among the boys at school, but doesn’t say whether she admires any of them in return.

In her next entry, Anne is in a more somber mood. She feels like writing because she needs to “get all kinds of things off [her] chest,” and she doesn’t have a friend to talk to. Even though she has a loving family and many admirers among the boys at school and is popular among her classmates, Anne longs for “one true friend” with whom she can share her deepest thoughts. Therefore, she says, she wants the diary itself to be this friend for her, and accordingly she gives the diary a name: Kitty. By way of introducing herself to Kitty, Anne offers a brief sketch of her life. Anne’s family is originally from Frankfurt, Germany, where Anne and her older sister Margot were both born, Margot in 1926 and Anne in 1929. She states that because the family is...

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