The Diary Of A Young Girl


Cast of Characters

Anne Frank: The author of the diary, a teenage Jewish girl in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II. Anne begins her diary in 1942, just after her thirteenth birthday, and writes until she and her family are captured by the Nazis in 1944. Anne is vivacious, energetic, clever, and generally optimistic. She often feels misunderstood because others criticize her for being too outspoken and selfish. During the two years in the annex, Anne matures considerably, learning to have more patience and compassion for other people.

Margot Frank: Anne's older sister by three years, also in hiding. Anne considers Margot pretty, intelligent, passive, and the “favorite” of their parents. Margot and Anne do not have a very close relationship, but it is evident from notes between them (which Anne transcribes in her diary) that the sisters love one another in spite of their differences.

Otto Frank (Pim): Anne’s father, the only member of the Frank family to survive the war. Anne loves her father dearly and has a close relationship with him. She lovingly describes him as a gentle, selfless, kind and optimistic man, although she occasionally disagrees with him. Otto was responsible for publishing Anne’s diary when it was restored to him after the war.

Edith Frank: Anne's mother. Anne often writes of her troubled relationship with her mother, who she feels is cold and critical. Eventually Anne learns to have sympathy for her mother’s difficult position and personal suffering, but she still finds it hard to express genuine affection for her.

Mr. van Daan: A Jewish businessman and associate of Mr. Frank’s who, with his wife and son, shares the hiding place with the Frank family. Anne describes him as opinionated, outspoken, and knowledgeable about politics. He is also rather boisterous and argumentative, and has frequent loud spats with his wife.

Mrs. van Daan: Mr. van Daan's wife, whom...

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