Week 2 quiz

Topics: Contract, Law, Common law Pages: 3 (323 words) Published: March 28, 2014
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International law includes all of the following except:
A.The law of sovereign foreign countries
B.Foreign custom and religious law
Correct C.Private contracts between parties in different states in the United States D.International treaties and conventions

Answer Key: C
Question 2 of 10
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Political risk is not affected by a weak or volatile rule of law A.True
Correct B.False

Answer Key: B
Question 3 of 10
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Which of the following is not a required element for a valid contract in the United States A.offer
Correct C.price

Answer Key: C
Question 4 of 10
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The Statute of Frauds:
A.requires parties to attest that they are honest
B.mandates that parties must have legal capacity to enter a contract C.turns a contract into a criminal case if fraud is present Correct D.requires that some contracts be in writing in order to be enforced

Answer Key: D
Question 5 of 10
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A counter offer is a rejection of the offer.
Correct A.True

Answer Key: A
Question 6 of 10
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All of the following are defects that would trigger strict liability except: Correct A.customer using the product incorrectly
B.design defect
C.manufacturing defect
D.warning defect

Answer Key: A
Question 7 of 10
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Which of the following is a legitimate subject matter for a patent? A.a mathematical formula
Correct B.a business process
C.products of nature
D.printed material

Answer Key: B
Question 8 of 10
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Which of the following is not a factor in determining whether a trademark is inherently distinctive: Correct A.usefulness

Answer Key: A
Question 9 of 10
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Trade secret disclosure suits can be filed with the USPTO.
Correct B.False

Answer Key: B
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