Vocabulary Development Approaches Matrix

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(Describe the approach, determine how to use the approach in lessons) Application
(After analyzing, offer specific ways to apply the approaches in lessons) Advantages

In the TPR strategy, educators communicate with their students by giving them instructions, and children show they understand what is being told through physical response. Students are not obligated or expected to answer verbally unless they believe they are prepared to do so. This approach requires slight to no constraint to speak. The child answers to the instructions with actions. In lessons, students can nod their head for a positive or negative response. They can also put a thumb up if they are in accordance to something within the lesson or thumbs down if not.

Specific ways to introduce this approach into a lesson is by asking the student to raise their hand if they understood the concepts of a story. If so, I would ask them to draw what they understood and try to label each picture or part of the drawing with words. If they cannot do this, I would then ask for them to show with body language what they understood. For example, for the sentence “I love ice cream and roller coasters”, the student can point to themselves meaning “I”, hug themselves or torso showing “love” and close their fists showing they are holding an ice cream cone and licking it and for roller coaster they can mover their arm up and down.

Benefits of the TPR approach are a) students learn quicker the targeted language through body movement b) since the student has no pressure to speak; they can take their time to fully comprehend the language c) Body language has been proven to be effective when communicating, students can learn in a quicker pace and in chunks rather than word by word d) children love physical movement and love moving from one place to the other, this helps since they are doing what they like...
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