Plan For A Physical Activity Wednesday

Topics: Child, Communication Pages: 1 (193 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Plan for a physical activity Wednesday 19 November 2014.

In the outdoor area if it is dry or the soft play room if it is not. I ask the children to form a circle around me. I will stand in the middle with a large ball and I will throw it to one child at a time while calling out their name. I will encourage them to try and catch it at first and then throw it to one another while calling out the name of the friend they want to catch it. If this is too difficult I will get them to all sit down and we will roll it to each other.

See if AC can catch a ball and throw one.
See if KT will join in.
This adult led activity should give the children an opportunity to practice their movement skills as well as their Speech Language and Communication skills.

Did the children enjoy this activity?
Did they adapt it at all?
How could it be improved further?
Where any next steps achieved?
Any new next steps as a result of this activity?
Anything I would do differently next time?
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