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Topics: Particle physics, Standard Model, Quark Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Unsolved Mysteries - Beyond the standard model
The Standard Model is nowhere near perfect. It may explain the six quarks, leptons, and four forces, but it is not complete. There are still questions about antimatter, dark matter, and the inability for the Standard Model to predict particle mass. There is no guarantee that quarks and leptons are actually fundamental. Lastly, scientists still don't understand gravity's role. Unsolved Mysteries - The standard model as a theory

The Standard Model is not wrong. However, it needs to be added to as it is an incomplete theory. If the Standard Model can be expanded to understand mass, gravity, and other important pieces of information. Unsolved Mysteries - Three Generations

There are three different sets of quark and lepton pairs, and these sets are called generations. Scientists do not know why there are only three generations, or why they exist in the first place. For example, up/down are first generation quarks, and the electron and its neutrino are the first generation leptons. Unsolved Mysteries - What about masses?

The Standard Model also has another major flaw, as it cannot explain why a particle has a certain mass. Scientists believe it is linked to something called the Higgs field, and are looking for a Higgs boson. However, these theories are still unconfirmed. Unsolved Mysteries - Grand Unified Theory

Scientists have a major goal of creating a theory which will combine all of the fundamental forces into one, which would allow them to understand the universe. It would also give scientists more answers and make study possibly easier. James Maxwell was successful at unifying electricity and magnetism. Unsolved Mysteries - Forces and the Grand Unified Theory

There is a belief currently swinging around that forces may merge at high energies. This means that all interactions we observe are all different aspects of the same, unified interaction. This does not make complete sense to...
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