Introduction of Physics:

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Introduction of Physics:

Physics ("knowledge of nature") is the science concerned with the discovery and understanding of the most basic fundamental laws of the universe that control the way everything in the world around us behaves. Discoveries in basic physics have important ramifications for all of science. Physics attempts to describe the natural world by the application of logic scientific methods, including modeling by theoreticians. As a core scientific discipline, physics is concerned with the fundamental laws that govern the behaviour of everything from the smallest elementary particle to the evolution of the Universe, which includes living and non-living organisms. Physics may be thought of as the foundational science, upon which stand the "central sciences" for example nuclear science, chemistry, biological sciences, and material sciences. The applications of physics in everyday life are extremely broad; this fact is reflected in the fact that physics is important in just about all technologies.

Physics is the science that deals with matter (solids, liquids, gases and everthing that is made up from them), all forms of energy and the interaction of these two things. It looks at things on the largest scales and greatest distances conceivable such as the planets, stars and the universe and goes right down to the smallest sizes imaginable with nanotechnology, molecules, atoms, the nucleus and subatomic particles. It seeks to explain electricity, light, sound, heat, it deals with space and everything in it, it deals with time and everything tied to it. Physics tries to figure out the most basic of laws in the universe that control the way everything in the world around us behaves. Its applications in everyday life are extremely broad.

Physics – the study of everyday phenomena.
Science – is a systematized body of knowledge that is based on facts gathered through observations, experiences and experiments in order to formulate a verifiable...
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