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Unit 204

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Employment Rights

Task A
Three different sources I would use to update my employment law would be: Government web sits
Personal journals
Three aspects covered by Law are:
a) Maternity rights this law affects my role in a way that I will need time off to attend antenatal care, Maternity leave and benefits. I will also be protected against unfair treatment or dismissal. Unfair dismissal this law affects my role in a way that I have a legal right to be treated in a way, which is fair and reasonable. If not I have the right to take my case to an independent Employment Tribunal provided I have been employed within the statutory right. Current National Minimum Wage. This law is in place to ensure that all employees are paid a fair rate. This law affects my role in a way that I am paid at a rate equal to or above the current national minimum wage rates. b) Health and safety law, under this act my employer has a duty to make sure I’m protected from risks and danger which occur in my workplace as an employee I must not take risks, and I must wear or use any protective equipment that I have been provided with. I must follow any training and instructions I’m given. I must make sure there has been a risk assessment done. c) COSHH LAW, under this law my employer must know what substances could harm me in my work place they must reduce the risk of them causing harm by providing good ventilation or protective clothing such as hats, aprons, gloves etc. I must wear these at all times when at work and follow procedures set out. Manual handling operations regulation.

Under these regulations my employer must make sure I’m up to date with all my training and I’m trained in the the correct methods of lifting so that I’m not injured by doing this they must have risk assessments in place and provide proper equipment to carry out the tasks, if I do have to lift something while at work then I must do this the way I have been trained and use any special equipment that has been provided for me. Aiii

Employment law exists to protect your self at work, they also protect your work colleagues and service users these laws also tell you what you are expected to do and how you should behave at work. This law also protects employees from exploitation. Task B

My terms and conditions of my employment book contain the following these most commonly fall into the following sections: a) Job description - defining the role, responsibility level (e.g. Manager, Deputy Manager, Assistant etc). It might include limits on decision making/to whom one reports/is supervised by. b) Entitlement - rate of pay, holiday entitlement, retirement and ill-health benefits, bonus/overtime rates, uniform and/expenses allowances, canteen facilities, etc. c) Responsibilities: working hours, dress code, reporting illness/absence, annual assessments, complaints procedures, notice periods for leaving/dismissal, requirements to change working hours. d) General: Depending on the type of job, there might be other conditions restricting the employee taking other part-time work, confidentiality clauses, using company equipment for private use (e.g. phones, computers, vehicles) general codes of behavior and adherence to certain corporate practices, health & safety regulations, etc. e) My name and the name of my employer

f) Length of notice to be given by my employer and myself

Information that needs to be shown on my pay slip is
Gross pay
Net pay
Variable Deductions to pay such as income tax.
Fixed deductions such as Pension contributions.

Two changes to personal information
Change of address or name
Absence from work due to sickness.

Procedure to follow if I want to raise a grievance at work.

B v

I would work along side my employer in relation to the following in the manner set out below: Data protection by not leaving files of client or any information lying around for anyone to see I will not discuss any information out of the work place. Grievance I will talk to my line manager if I have any Grievances within the work place and work together to sort the matter out and come to a solution. Conflict management I would remain calm and speak in a firm, quite voice. I would make it clear that physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated. I will listen to both sides of the argument; I will not let people interrupt each other. I would look for a reasonable compromise that involves both parties. Anti-discriminatory practice I would treat everyone equally irrespective of Race, Gender, Disability, Religion, Beliefs or culture. Health and safety make sure all risk assements have been done and are up to date, I will not take any risks or short cuts, I will take reasonable care for my own and others safety, I will co-operate with my employer in respect of health and safety measures. Confidentiality I will not pass on any information about any client or member of staff I will not discuss any information out side the work place. I will abide by the data protection act 1998.

Whistle blowing I will only do this if I feel it necessary to report a practice in my work place i.e. if a member of staff was abusing a client or if unsafe practice was present. Which I will talk to my line manager about.


My aim with in my role is to help and support and promote independence and protect, Promote interests
Maintain trust and confidence.
Respect the rights of others
This upholds the aims and objectives set out by my company.


To follow best practice with in my work role I will attend all annual training. Manual handling, heath and safety first aid etc. While also keeping up to date with all laws and best practice. I will be a good team member using good commication skills while encouraging good feed back from client to office which will help the company and staff to develop. b)

By Not going to training or following G.S.C.C codes of practice and not listening or having any discipline, I will be putting everyone at risk and endangering others by not complying with standards and requirements set out regulatory bodies. This could lead to disciplinary action and even dismissal.


In my role as a carer I have to act in a professional manner and I must follow the codes of practice and legislation set out through policies.


Two representative bodies are
The care Quality Commission
General social care council

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates all health and adult social care services in England, including those provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies or voluntary organization. It also protects the interests of people detained under the Mental Health Act. General social care council (GSCC)

The code of practice for social care workers is a list of statements that describe the standards of professional contact and required for all social care workers as they go about their day-to-day work.

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