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1. REFERENCES: FM 3-20.98 Reconnaissance and Scout Platoon; ARTEP 17-57-11-MTP Scout Crew and Team Training Plan (Formerly FKSM 17- 13-8-MTP); FM 3-21.8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad. 2. OBJECTIVE: CONDITIONS: The unit is conducting operations as part of a higher headquarters (HQ) and has received an operation order (OPORD) or fragmentary order (FRAGORD) to conduct an area reconnaissance. The OPORD specifies the focus, tempo, and engagement criteria for reconnaissance. Communications have been established and information is being passed in accordance with (IAW) the standard operating procedures (SOP). The unit is provided guidance by the rules of engagement (ROE). It may also have Mission Instructions, such as a peace mandate, Terms of Reference, and Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Coalition forces, noncombatants, government agencies, nongovernment organizations, and local and international media may be in the operational environment. Additional assets may be available to the unit.  Some iteration should be performed in an IED environment.| |

STANDARD: The unit conducts the area reconnaissance IAW the SOP, the order, and or the higher commander's guidance. The unit gains and reports detailed information on specified areas, objectives, or danger areas and timely information concerning all enemy forces, infrastructure, and terrain within the area. The unit also identifies source information of power / influence and the needs of society as necessary. Reconnaissance tempo enables the unit to complete its mission based on the higher HQ time constraints, information requirements and capabilities of the unit. The unit reports information that answers the commander's critical information requirements (CCIR) using the communications system that allows timely decisions by the commander and his higher HQ. The unit complies with the ROE|

1. Company METL Tasks Supported:
a. 17-2-4011 Conduct Area Reconnaissance

2. Platoon Collective/Individual Tasks Supported:
a. 052-703-9107 Plan for an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Threat in a COIN Environment (UNCLASSIFIED / FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) (U//FOUO) b. 171-121-3009 Control Techniques of Movement

c. 171-121-4051 Prepare a Situation Report (SITREP)
d. 171-121-4034 Coordinate With Adjacent Units
e. 052-192-3262 Prepare for an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Threat Prior to Movement (UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) (U//FOUO) f. 071-430-0028 Consolidate and Reorganize a Unit

g. 071-COM-0503 Move Over, Through, or Around Obstacles (Except Minefields) h. 171-720-0007 Develop a Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R and S) Plan i. 171-121-4045 Conduct Troop Leading Procedures

j. 071-720-0015 Conduct an Area Reconnaissance by a Platoon k. 171-121-4009 Conduct Scout Platoon Actions on Contact 4. 10 Step Training Model Key Events:
l. On 131030-1130MAY13 SFC Beazer will certify all instructors on the tasks that will be conducted by the Spur Candidates. m. On 131400MAY13 SFC Beazer and SSG Courson will conduct a leader’s recon of the training area. n. OPORD will be briefed on 131300-1400APR13 to all Recon Platoon Spur Candidates. o. Initial CRM is under review by the chain of command and the will be briefed on 131300-1400APR13 along with the OPORD. p. Rehearsals will be conducted by leaders on 131400-1600MAY13. Uniform will be ACUs. q. Execution of the training will be on 140930-1600MAY13 and 150930-1500MAY13. r. An AAR will be conducted by the senior spur holder NLT 151600MAY13. All spur candidates will attend. Final comments will be submitted NLT 1 week after completion to BN. s. Retraining will be conducted on the spot during the execution of the training by all Spur Candidates that do not receive a first time GO on any task. t. AOM...
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