The Strategic Management Course

Topics: Ethics, Academia, Academic dishonesty Pages: 22 (3554 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Academic Year : 2012/13

Asst Prof.
: Eugene KANG

Semester : 2
Asst Prof. CHIU Shih-Chi
Instructor(s) : Mr. Clive CHOO
Asst Prof. Josh KELLER
Mr. Charles LEONG
Dr. WAN Chew Yoong

This course outline contains generic information that will apply across all seminar groups. However, your instructor has the discretion to decide on the portions of this outline highlighted in red. Please approach your instructor for more information on these red portions as they are unique for each instructor.

Course Description and Scope
The Strategic Management Course focuses on identifying and understanding the sources of superior firm performance. This course introduces theoretical concepts and frameworks useful for analyzing the external and internal environments of the firm, and guiding the formulation and execution of different types of strategies. Strategic issues are examined from the perspective of a chief executive or general manager, focusing on how s/he can formulate effective strategies and develop the necessary resources and capabilities to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in a global and volatile competitive environment.

Course Learning Objectives
There are two primary learning objectives for this course. The first learning objective is to develop a student’s ability to engage in critical thinking. At the end of this course, students should be able to:

 synthesize information to recognize the external opportunities and threats as well as the internal strengths and weaknesses that impact a firm’s competitive advantage, and  critically evaluate whether a firm’s business or corporate or international strategy would lead to sustainable competitive advantage, and

 analyze complex and dynamic interdependencies among strategic issues. The second learning objective is to develop a student’s ability to engage in ethical reasoning. At the end of this course, students should be able to identify ethical issue(s) and exhibit informed ethical judgment when faced with an ethical decision.


Course Instructors



CHIU Shih-Chi


6790 4805


Clive CHOO


6790 6348


Eugene KANG


6790 5667




6790 5784




6790 5651


*Charles LEONG
WAN Chew Yoong



* The instructor is not a full-time faculty. Please contact your instructor in advance if you require consultation.

Learning & Teaching Methods
This course is structured in a seminar learning format, where a 4-hour seminar is conducted every week for a total of 13 sessions. Seminar 1 commences in the week beginning January 14, 2013 while seminar 13 will end in the week beginning April 15, 2013 (recess is scheduled in the week beginning March 4, 2013). Each seminar is intended to inform and equip students with the conceptual tools to synthesize, evaluate and analyze strategic or ethical issues. In addition, seminar activities have been developed to provide opportunities for students to sharpen their critical thinking and/or ethical reasoning skills through: 1. Case analyses, where students apply the conceptual tools that they have learnt in the seminar to critically analyze different strategic issues.

2. An ethical reasoning exercise where students can apply ethical concepts. 3. A group project, where each student group generates a strategic audit report of publiclylisted firm. 4. Collaborative learning, where students work in a group and participate in class discussion so that they learn to defend and/or integrate different perspectives on strategic issues in a critical manner.

5. A final exam, where students apply their knowledge of course material learnt throughout the course in an integrative manner.


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