Strategic Management and Learning Exercises

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Items Included in Part I

1.Philosophy Behind the Strategic Management Course
2.Importance of Strategic Management Cases
Cases Included in the Thirteenth Edition of the Textbook 3.McDonald’s Cohesion Case
4.Assurance of Learning Exercises
The Assurance of Learning Exercises Included in the Thirteenth Edition 5.Description of the Supplements for the Thirteenth Edition Instructor’s Manual
Case Instructor’s Manual
PowerPoint Presentations
Test Item File
TestGen (test-generating program)
Videos on DVD
Video Guide

1.Philosophy Behind the Strategic Management Course

Strategic Management is the capstone course for business administration majors. Students learn new strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation concepts and techniques. Students use this new knowledge, coupled with knowledge acquired from other courses, to chart the future direction of different organizations.

Strategic Management students analyze firms in different industries, make objective strategic decisions for companies, and justify those decisions through oral or written communication. Students recommend strategies for the organizations studied and specify how those strategies could best be implemented. Strategic Management is a challenging and exciting course for students.

Strategic Management is an interesting course to teach because the problems and issues of strategic management cover the whole spectrum of business, including finance, marketing, management, management information systems, production operations, economics, and statistics. Strategic management is an emerging and rapidly developing discipline. Weighing the pros and cons of alternative strategies entails a total enterprise perspective and a talent for judging how all relevant factors fit together. This is quite a contrast to other required and elective courses, which are generally concerned with a narrower, more specialized body of knowledge. Although the features of Strategic Management pose an instructional challenge, there is plenty of opportunity to make the study of strategic management the best course in the business curriculum.

There are different ways to teach a good course in Strategic Management. Some instructors supplement the text with a management simulation game; some instructors assign outside readings; some use experiential exercises in class; and some instructors invite guest speakers to class. Most Strategic Management professors use cases. The amount of class time devoted to lecture and case analysis varies considerably among instructors.

If you are experienced in teaching Strategic Management, you may have resolved many pedagogical issues to your own satisfaction. However, if this is the first time you are teaching Strategic Management, then the information provided in the next few pages could help you structure your own course.

2.Importance of Strategic Management Cases

Strategic Management cases represent the most commonly used method for applying strategic-management concepts and techniques in different types and sizes of organizations. A Strategic Management case typically describes the external conditions and internal situation facing a firm and presents sufficient information to develop, analyze, and choose among alternative strategies. Strategic Management can be a very exciting course with the use of just text and cases alone.

The 29 Strategic Management cases in the Thirteenth edition of Strategic Management represent the most up-to-date compilation of cases ever assembled in a policy text. The cases cover a broad spectrum of business and industry situations. All of the cases in this text are undisguised. The cases are about real organizations and real people. Most of the cases concern well-known firms.

Using the cases in this text, students do not have to put themselves back in time to understand the economic and political conditions...
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