The Rules of Attraction

Topics: Color, Primary color, Color theory Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: February 6, 2013
* 1. Chapter Three: Using Color Effectively
* 2. Objectives Learn how color can help establish mood. Explore harmonious color combinations. Understand how color can support hierarchy in a layout. See how color works as a unifying element. Understand how color is applied in the digital realm and print. Learn about color systems and their application in print production. * 3. Cross-Cultural Color • Cross-cultural color is color that evokes the same emotional reaction in all humans. Blue, for instance, is associated with stability because it is the color of the sky. * 4. Color and Cultural Meaning • Color can also have different meanings to different cultures. In western culture, blue is associated with masculinity. * 5. Other Color Connotations • Color can also have regional or seasonal connotations. * 6. Harmonious Color Combinations Harmonious palettes are created by combining colors in several ways: • Monochromatic color. • Complementary colors and split complements. • Analogous colors. • Triads. * 7. Harmonious Color Combinations • Monochromatic palettes are based on different shades and intensities of a hue. * 8. Complements • Color complements are directly opposite on the color wheel. Pairing complements that have been muted by a change in value or intensity creates a harmonious mix. * 9. Split Complements • Split complements involve combining a color with the two colors that are on either side of its color complement. * 10. Analogous • Analogous color combinations are those that combine colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel. * 11. Triads • Color schemes based on triads also yield harmonious results. This children’s book is based on a palette of primary and secondary color triads. * 12. Plastic Colors Hierarchy in a layout is influenced by using colors that advance or recede. * 13. Advancing Colors Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow. High-saturation colors. Colors that are light in value....
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