The External Assessment

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Strategy Pages: 7 (747 words) Published: March 6, 2013

|1.Objective / Goal |Focus will be on concepts, models, tools, and skills that are essential for strategic management. | | |A key objective of the course is to provide a setting that facilitates the development and refinement of the | | |knowledge and skills that are necessary for managers in today's fast moving, unpredictable, and highly competitive| | |business environment. | | |Second objective is for you to incorporate the theories and materials learned in others classes into this course. | | |The underlying purpose of this course is for you to effectively integrate strategic management theory with the | | |practical concerns that confront managers in modern organizations. | | |To learn how to apply the Strategic Management process to real life business cases, including current | | |world/business news, and develop recommendations to help firms create and sustain competitive advantage. | | |To increase your understanding of what managers must do to make a business succeed over the long haul. | | | | |2. Instructions |Students must adhere to following:- | | |Must come prepared for the class. | | |Must read the topics to be discussed in advance. | | |Must reach class two minutes before start. | | |Must be properly attired. | | |Must complete all assignments in time. | | |Must not use red or green ink in all grading examinations. | | |Must switch off cell phones during class time. | |3. Attendance |Students are required to maintain 75% attendance. | | | | |4. Books |Text book: Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases | | |By Fred R.David . Thirteenth Edition. | | | | |5. Assessment | |

|Activity |Marks |Duration |Frequency |Selection |Weight age | |Assignment |10 |Two weeks |At least 3 |Best 2 |10%...
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