The City and Its Workers (1870-1900)

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Chapter 19
The city and its workers

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March 14, 2011
As the 19th century closes and the 20th century begins, different technologies help spur the many changes taking place. What symbolism can we take from the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge?
It is a marker of time periods (separates this time period from that time period)

March 16,2011
Why did some immigrant groups decide to stay in the United States after arriving, while other groups only stayed long enough to make some money?

March 17, 2011
What were Jim Crow Laws? Give an example of how they were applied.

March 18, 2011
Who was Jacob Riis? What did he produce? Why was it important?

March 21,2011
Explain the new emerging class systems, which were based upon occupation.
White collar
blue collar- largely unskilled( jobs require more physical than intellectual)

* United states emerged as a major industrial power by the end of the 19th century * Large scale immigration, urbanization, and technological innovation help out great promise for future, even as these dramatic changes led to social dislocation, urban squalor, labor strife, and death.

* Constructed between 1869-1883, the Brooklyn bridge stood as a testament to the wonders and horrors of America at the close of the nineteenth and opening of the twentieth century * Its construction cost the lives of twenty men and it was considered both a work of art and an engineering marvel upon completion

The rise of the city
* By the end of the nineteenth century, the emergence of the modern city represented the most dramatic demographic development in the united states * From New york to Chicago to Los Angeles, cities exploded in size, fed in part by the rapid pace of global migrations, especially from southern and eastern Europe

* BEFORE 1880 immigrants came from the northern and western Europe * AFTER 1880 immigrants came from southern and eastern Europe.

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