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Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Roaring Twenties, 1920s Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: January 1, 2014
Beginning in the early 1900s, America continued to build up its nation economically, socially, and politically. The continued revolutionary movement began to lead up to one of the Nation’s high points of the century “The Roaring Twenties”. The 1920s began to test old and new values and manifested many tensions through political ideas, cultural reforms, and the advancement of rights for the common men and women.

One reason tensions where brought up was through the new idea of evolution and the old practice of creationism. According to Document C “The World’s Most Famous Trial: Tennessee Evolution Case, 1925” This trial was a case about whether there should be a punishment for teaching the Darwinism in the schools. This case involved John Scopes, a biology teacher, who taught Darwinism (theory of evolution). Scopes was found guilty. This case sparked a worldwide debate on academic freedom in the schools. This showed how old and new ideas eventually clashed.

Another tension that was brought about was the political ideas and attempt of cultural reform of the Ku Klux Klan. According to Document D “The Klan’s Fight For Americanism”, It is written that the Klan would like to get rid of the old politics and bring in new revolutionary success. This success involved a mostly Nordic race. In the past, the Klan has been known for their violent ways in attempting to reform the nation’s culture. The old political ideas and the new ideas of the Klan brought about high tensions from all the citizens and politician the Klan was against.

A new cultural reform was performed by Charles Lindbergh when he made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. In Document F “The Biggest Thing Lindbergh Has Done” this new value was set and crushed some people’s belief of things being the same as they were “nineteen hundred years ago”. With new revolutionary achievements, many dark sides were brought out. For example, on March 1, 1932, Lindbergh’s son was kidnapped and held...
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