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Topics: Sociology, Social Issues, Social exclusion Pages: 7 (2294 words) Published: June 23, 2013
1. Differentiate between a Social Issue and the Social Problems. Please provide three Bahamian examples for each. Social issues are political debates involving moral judgments about how people should live. (Brennen, 2013) Three examples of social issues in The Bahamas are gambling, teenage pregnancy, and homosexuality. Social problems are societal induced conditions that harm any segment of the population. Social problems are also related to acts and conditions that violate the norms and values found in society. (Brennen, 2013) Three examples of social problems in The Bahamas are crime, drug addiction and alcohol addiction. A social problem only exists when society decides on voicing their opinion, as social problems are defined by society themselves. A prime example of society defining a social problem is when there is always a presence of the social problem via media. These social problems should always be accepted by society without further consideration – as sheep to the slaughter. Things should always be taken at face value. Social issues differ from social problem as it is being judged from an objective perspective rather than a subjective standpoint. Social issues reflect how issues affect society as a whole not from an individual perspective. Both social issues and social problems negatively affect society. However, social problems have a greater effect on society than social issues.

2. Differentiate between a Social Policy and Social Movement. Provide one example of each. A social policy is a formal strategy to shape some aspect of social life or society. (Brennen, 2013) A social policy is an effort put in place to change the way a person views someone or something. It is an effort to diversify the current state of society. Society is fixed on its interpretations on how they think people are and how they think the world is. Their fixed mentality can be blamed on the lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge keeps people in a conventional state of mind. Social policies are designed to challenge this and bring forth a change in society. Examples of the term social policy can be seen in the following areas, abortion and the regulation of its practice, euthanasia, homosexuality, the rules surrounding issues of marriage, divorce, adoption, the legal status of recreational drugs, and the legal status of prostitution.

Social movements are an organized effort to encourage or discourage some dimension of social change. (Brennen, 2013) Social movement exemplifies unity within a society. When people experience or come face- to- face with inequality, there is a bond which is created between them because the same people are being discriminated against. When a problem inflicts pain on one person, the whole society or group feels the pain. The pain becomes their pain and the society not all takes and carries the burden, but also fights for the rights and equality of others. An example of this within the Bahamas is the Woman’s Suffrage Movement, Bahamian women worked tirelessly along with men to resist and redress the racial discrimination and the political and economic inequities that permeated Bahamian society. Women from all walks of life played a significant role in helping to advance the social, political and economic rights for Bahamians and, thereby, creating a deeper understanding of freedom and a more democratic society. (Bethel, 2012) Social Policy is also an academic discipline focusing on the systematic evaluation of societies' response to social need. In retrospect when short-lived impulses give way to long-term aims, and when sustained association takes the place of situational groupings of people, the result is a social movement. Social Policy is focused on those aspects of the economy, society and policy that are necessary to human existence and the means by which they can be provided. Social movement, loosely organized but sustained campaign in support of a social goal, typically either the implementation or...
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