Social Policy

Topics: Labour Party, Conservative Party, Harold Wilson Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Demonstrate an understanding of the historical and ideological developments of UK social policy, identifying the underpinning principles and values.

Social policy is defined as actions aimed at promoting social well being (Alcock). It is not just about state legislation but also about what the government does to support and interfere with the well being of citizens. Policies can be regarded as embodying ideas about society, the economy and views about justice, equality and individual responsibility (Alcock). Social policy as a whole looks at the rules and procedures made by the government to keep the publics best interests at heart. The social policy that is being focused on is Healthcare. In the early 1940's a report was written by a man called William Beveridge, highlighting problems in society. Ever since then, this social policy has been subject to changes and reforms made by each political party in their time of running. Healthcare as a whole has a huge impact on it's service users as well as it's service workers and I believe it to be one of the most important social policies.

In 1942, Beveridge published a report recommending ways that the government could improve post war Britain. He stated that they should begin by tackling the 5 Giant Evils : Want, Squalor, Disease (Health), Ignorance and Idleness. This led to many social reforms and in 1945 when the labour party was elected into power, Clement Atlee was made priminister. This proved to be beneficial for the country and resulted in over 200 acts being passed from 1945 to 1948. One of the acts passed was the National Health Service act passed by the minister for health Aneurin Bevan. He wanted to make sure that every citizen could access the best medical care when they needed it and for it to be free at the point of use. The aim of the NHS was to reduce ill-health and promote good health in all citizens. Between high infant mortality rates and general poor health of the public he knew...
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