SOC 203 Week 3 Assignment Research Paper Preparation

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This pack of SOC 203 Week 3 Assignment Research Paper Preparation contains:
The Mass Media as a Social Problem

Sociology - General Sociology
Final Paper Preparation . To prepare for your Final Paper (due in Week Five), complete the following assignment and submit it to your instructor for feedback. Your paper should include a problem statement, outline, and annotated bibliography.

Problem Statement: Describe the social problem you have selected for your paper.

Outline: Using the sample below as a guide, provide an outline for your Final Paper. Remember that your final papers are expected to include a description and definition of a social problem, a discussion of the scope and consequences of the problem, and an overview society’s responses to the problem. Your papers should also present a clearly reasoned alternative, supported by scholarly research. While the following example can be modified to suit your needs, using this outline as a guide will likely result in a high quality final paper:

a. Title

b. Abstract

c. What is the social problem?

d. Why does this problem qualify as a “social problem”?

e. What are the individual and social implications of this problem? Discussion of implications should be supported by accurate research data.

f. What do the experts say about the problem? Are their conclusions methodologically sound?

g. What have we, as a society, done about this problem? Again, consider public policies and other less formal responses.

h. How is this working?

i. Describe an alternative.

j. Discuss why the alternative is, or can be, an effective response to the problem. Remember to consider negative consequences of the alternative response.

k. Conclude with reflections and thoughts about your chosen social problem. This is a good place to include personal opinions, assumin...

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If money is...

References: Annotated Bibliography: The purpose of creating a list of sources is to assist you in organizing and evaluating your research. The list should include the follow...
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