Foundation of Human Service

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Foundations of Human Services Worksheet

Answer, in a 50- to 100-word response, each of the following questions:

1. Identify the four themes of human services.
According to the reading assignment Chapter One of Introduction to Human Services, the four themes are:
1. Concerns with problems in living- This is when people unable meet their own basic needs.
2. The increase in problems in our modern world – This include having a growing number of people feeling estranged from their communities or not having the support needed from friends or family when there a joyous times and times of sorrow.
3. The need for self-sufficiency – This is where to rely on others to meet their basic needs, it is destroying to their self-esteem. This creates a makes them feel they are incapable of doing for themselves.
4. The goals of social care, social control, and rehabilitation - social care is when a person cannot provide for themselves, social control when a person is able to care for themselves but not well enough or according to the law. Rehabilitation this is when a person is not currently able to care for him or herself as if they were prior, possibly because of an accident or crisis. It can be short term or long term but the hope it to get the individual to be able to care for his or herself. (Woodside & McClam, 2012)

2. Identify professional disciplines that influence human services.
The disciplines listed in the reading assignment Chapter One of Introduction to Human Services
1. Sociology - helps human service professionals understand the foundations of life that affect our existence, such as a family’s organization, the roles that each family member places, race, gender, even poverty.
2. Psychology - is your behaviors are looked very closely along with how your mind works. They look at how you react to certain things and why you react the way you do.
3. Anthropology - studies the cultural, physical, and social

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