Technology. Virtual Meetings; Smart Management.

Topics: Videotelephony, Videophone, Videoconferencing Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Q1: One consulting firm has predicted that video and web conferencing will make business travel extinct. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Answer :

I don’t agree with him. Because from the case, we see that, the global e- Sustainability Initiative and the climate Group estimated that up to 20 percent of business travel could be replaced by virtual meeting technology. This percentage may increase slowly but without revolutionary improvement of technology business travel can’t be extinct. I also believe that video and web conferencing is a much more viable option for businesses in today’s day and age and will indeed supersede business travel. Businesses that are finding that they are spending a significant amount on unnecessary travel will soon be taking the video/ web conferencing option to save money.

Benefits of Video and Web conferencing:
Travel and associated expenses will be reduced.
Increase in productivity as managers/employees will no longer be required to leave the office for hours or even days at a time for meetings. •The ability to communicate more often with others.
Informed decisions can be made faster.
Environmentally friendly, reducing the companies carbon footprint.

Q2: what is the distinction between videoconference –ing and telepresence ?


Videoconferencing provides two-way, interactive audio and video communications between two or more end points. In the past decade, videoconferencing technology and products have advanced along multiple fronts – including the move to IP networks that provide higher bandwidth, lower costs, and vastly improved connection reliability; the evolution from low resolution to high resolution images and now to high definition video; and equally important - the advances from tinny, low bandwidth .Telepresence is more of an experience with life-sized participants and typically multiple cameras to make sure the speaker is viewed head on, as well as a controlled environment down to...
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