System Design Specification

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System Overview

Nowadays, the very basic requirement of a school is to upgrade its technology where almost every school has made to support their abilities to make the best out of those resources. In this manner, the teacher needs to corporate it through keeping the records from which the school builds up on their record section.

However, managing and securing the student records during enrollment is quite difficult task considering the ratio of the teachers to the total number of students. It really follows a large scope of responsibility because they need to retrieve the data immediately that were kept on place.

To make these things possible, schools must follow a Computerized Enrollment System that helps to organized data and other information of the students.
Automation exists in the different areas of works, it become an essential component in reducing workload.
A Computerized System is therefore more orderly because file system reduces time in scanning the files to locate specific target. This is why a Computerized Enrollment System is preferred in most universities throughout the world.

System Input/Output Form

This system is capable of generating reports such as students’ class schedule, faculty lists, student lists, student grades, student accounts, student receipts and assigned rooms. Encoding data to the system is the only requirement for the system to have comprehensive reports.

Input Forms
Registration Form
This form is the Registration Form for the new and old student of Tagum Doctors College which they need to fill up for the information of the students.

Output Forms
Report (Subject Scheduled of the Student)
This report is the subject scheduled of the student.

System Interface

Log-in Form

Protect from any unauthorized person to access.

Registrar Form

Select or click one of the buttons in the left side that you want to view the data of the student. Cashiering Form

Allow the user to transact the student with their payments.

Uploader Form

Allow the user to make the subject schedule of the student.

Student Form

Allow the student to view their grades and subject enrolled..


Log-in Form




5 4

1. Select what department you assigned.

2. Enter the user name

3. Enter the correct password

4. Click Log in button to operate the system

5. Click Log out button to exit department

Registrar form

6 5 4 3 2 1 7 8

1. Click Student Profile button to view the profile of the student. 2. Click Student Grades button to view the grade of the student. 3. Click Student Subject to view the scheduled subject of the student. 4. Click Encode Grade button to encode the current grade of the student.

5. Click Student List button to view class list.
6. Click User button to create a new user of this form.
7. Click Switch user button to switch the user to another form. 8. Click Close the Program to exit the program.

Students Profile Form





1. Click delete button to erase data.
2. Click edit button to change the data.
3. Click search button to find the data.
4. Click update button to the data changes....

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