computerized enrollment system

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A Project Presented to
The Faculty of STI College Ortigas-Cainta

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree of
Information Technology

Follero, Jonilyn
Lagrosa, Dion Carlo V.
Manuel, Ailene G.
Medina, Erika Mikhaela L.

Mr. Malvin N. Cenidoza

March 2013
Chapter 1 Introduction
The computer technology advances as times and almost every person has computer and it improved their standard of living by providing them a very fast computing speed so that people can manipulate their files faster. In Information System, computerization is concerned about interrelating different but interdependent transactions. This can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate a manual system.

A Computerized Enrollment is the software used to register students in the school, maintain the students’ information, provides an automated scheduler for students and teacher’s subjects, enrolls students in the school, tracks pending credentials and accounts of students, and provides reports for ease.

1.1. Statement of the Problem
1.1.1. General Problem

How to enhance the enrollment system of the Angono Private High School? The Angono Private High School’s registrar consumes a lot of time in organizing, retrieving, and maintaining the student records and they check and compute each student’s paid and pending accounts through worksheets because of this difficulties the workload of the registrar is increased greatly.

1.1.2. Specific Problems

How to speed-up and make Angono Private High School’s registration process more reliable? Enrolling and reserving in Angono Private High School consumes a lot of time and it causes queuing and furthermore because they only use forms some penmanship are very hard to understand which causes false information and decreased reliability in their registration process. How to make Angono Private High School’s reservation more efficient? Because Angono Private High School uses manual system in reserving enrollees, the enrollees have to fill up forms to apply for reservation where searching for a reserved enrollee for enrollment or cancellation is very time consuming especially when the reserved students are too many. How to make Angono Private High School’s scheduling and sectioning process more efficient? The Angono Private High School is having a problem scheduling each sections schedules that will be favorable for the teachers’ free time. In sectioning, Angono Private High School often encounter problems sorting each student according to their general average because they have a thousand students. How to monitor student’s pending accounts and credentials more effectively? Many students cannot submit their credentials or pay their account in school due to various reasons and because of this the Angono Private High School finds it hard to monitor every student’s pending accounts and credentials regularly.

How maintain Angono Private High School’s student records more effective and efficiently? Because the Angono Private High School uses forms the possibility that the student records may be lost or destroyed by certain accidents such as being eaten by insects, natural disasters, or human caused accidents.

1.2. Current State of the Technology

The Angono Private High School is still using manual process in enrolling and reserving students by the use of forms, and they plan a section’s schedule by organizing a meeting to avoid schedule conflicts in the teachers’ schedules. and the first one hundred students to enroll have a 10% discount in their tuition, and each enrolled student’s information is compiled in an envelope with their credential requirements stored in drawers, and each student is assigned in a section where his/her previous general average can meet the section’s quota. The Angono Private High...
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