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Enrollment System

By aizahdelosreyes Mar 09, 2013 1804 Words
Computerization involves the process of taking activities or tasks not previously done on the computer and shifting them to being done on the computer. It can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system. Computerized System can reduce human errors and processing time, and also it can boost productivity and resulted into high quality of product produce. Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of student to register on a particular school. Enrollment System is a good example of a computer generated process. This can lessen the workload and provides accurate information needed of the school. As a result, it will benefit not only the student but also the administration as a whole. Enrollment system is a system designed to perform the process involved in registration, advising, assessments, and payments of students as well as scheduling of classes. It is very essential in school. Enrollment system is the way the enrollment takes place for education or anything else that needs enrollment done. An enrolment system provides an organized way of registering students. It avoids mix-up and confusion. It saves time and effort and minimizes paper use. It provides a secured way of keeping a database of enrollees, especially if you have a great security and backup system provided with the enrollment system.

In the case of IMUS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, they used a manual system in recording and retrieving student information. Even the payment of student tuition fee, they only used record sheet. Above the researcher observation, all their transaction related to enrollment of students was done by using record book/record sheet. As a result, this may cause errors and redundancy of data resulting troubles on enrollment. 1.2.0: IMUS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY

A vision of having built a barrio high school might have been through the idea of engineer Luciano Sarne. It happened sometimes in 1969 that the teachers of Bukandala Elementary School notice the vast increase in number of school going age population of Bukandala. It was decided the high School building be established just within the compound of the Elementary school because there was no available fund for the school site. Upon signing and approval of a barrio resolution passed by then Bo, Capt. Florencio Barzaga, the PTA President and Engineer Luciano Sarne, the first public secondary school in Imus was established in 1971 with initial four classrooms and library. Salaries of teachers were locally funded through the miscellaneous and monthly tuition fees collected from the enrollees and a minimal financial support by the National Aid Fund.

Mr. Teofilo Bartolome, principal of elementary school acted as Assistant Principal of the high school with three secondary faculty members. Engineers Sarne, some barrio and school officials conducted the preliminary activities at the school on its first year of existence with an initial enrollment of 39 first year students only. Because of their determination and enthusiasm to had helped and accommodate the poor students not only in Bukandala but also its nearby barrios, some residents branded them as “The builders of Bukandala Barrio High School”. In 1972, the student’s population raised to 121 first to third year levels only which is more than triple the number of the previous year.

When Mr. Bartolome was transferred to another school, Mrs. Crispina D. Suarez succeeded him and managed boundary both the elementary and high school. She acted as Asst. Principal to 434 student population and 12 secondary teachers from SY 1976-1977 up to the time when a full time high school principal was designated to the school in the person of Mrs. Nelda G. Dator on February 1, 1981.

During that time because of the continuing increase of enrollment, the local officials headed by Barangay Captain Sotero A. dela Cruz and concerned citizens like the former barangay Captain Ruben Saquilayan sought the assistance of Cavite Gov. Juanito R. Remulla in acquiring a piece of land for the permanent school site pursuant to DECS Memo s. 1980 so that they allowed to continue its operation activities. With the sincere intentions and precedence to help and provide the poorest students with the continuing basic education, the governor and some barangay officials acted as intermediaries to civic spirited people to donate at least 17,000 sq. meters total land area namely: Rey Marquez and brothers (donated the biggest parcel of the land), Mr. Donato Tapawan and family, Mr. Renato Fauni and his brothers. With housed 14 academic classrooms was conducted in a U-shaped pattern. Of the four classrooms, the Principal’s office, Guidance and learning Resource Center were temporarily located. Adjacent to the main building was the Home Economics Building and a temporarily Practical Arts Room. Shortly after construction of the rooms had been finished high school students led by the principal and 12 secondary teachers moved to the permanent site on November 30, 1982.

The mere fact that it was the only public high school in Imus and because of the fast growing enrollment every year a request for the change of its name was initiated through the former Congressman Renato P. Dragon. An act changing the name Bukandala National High School to Imus National High School which originated in the House of Representatives and the Senate on December 1, 1993 and February 10, 1994 respectively was finally enacted signed and elapsed into law on May 5, 21994 by virtue of Republic Act nop. 7706. Concurrently, the enrolment increased to 1,552 with 60 faculty members.

More classrooms and other facilities were constructed including the SDEP two-storey building consisting of 4 classrooms. Science Laboratory, faculty room and comfort rooms. In these succeeding years, classrooms funded by the local and provincial government were also constructed.

While the deeds of donation were in forced and to further recognize the principal donor of the land, the school’s official title was connected with as “Doña Paula Guevarra Vda. De Marquez Memorial National High School”, but its traditional name Imus National High School is still being used for official operation transactions with DECS and other related agencies. When Mrs. Dator was promoted as Principal III, she was transferred to ETTMNHS, Kawit, Cavite and Mrs. Leonila T. Dino a resident of Imus succeeded her as Principal II on February 1996 (where 6 teachers were also promoted as head teachers) to supervise 75 teachers, a bookkeeper, a janitor and a security guard with 1,735 student population. A year after, another memorandum was issued by the DECS secretary Gloria requiring the incumbent principals of nationalized/barangay high schools to procure a land title of the school site for safekeeping and permanent interest of the school itself. The urge to have the land titled was there because it is one way of assuring the teachers and students of the permanency of the school on its location. After several talks, negotiations, agreements and disagreements and disagreements along with the three owners and after accumulating the amount needed in the processing, Mrs. Dino and head teachers together with the concerned individuals finally had a total of 13,335 square meters of land transferred to school on June 27, 2001. Still the remaining 1,000 square meter ground is yet to be titled and likely to be accomplished soon.

For the past 31 years, Imus National High School had successfully served and is serving the community and its environment. The School is still improving on its population and its facilities. In the present school year 2002-2003, the school’s enrolment is 5,590 students with 96 faculty members, supported with 15 other administrative personnel some of them are funded by the local School Board.

A 4 classroom two-storey building and other Classroom two-storey Building funded by the local School Board and DPWH respectively were conducted. Adjacent to the SAKI Building is the on-going construction of another 2 classroom two-storey and bigger space for the school clinic. MISSION:

* To provide adequate and quality instructions through competent teachers. * Offer basic knowledge in math, Science and Tech., English, Filipino. * Develop the special skills of every student in the line of arts, craftsmanship, home technology inculcate Filipino ideals and values. VISION:

Fully committed to the national goal and Christian ideals, the school seeks to be instrumental in the development and self fulfillment of every students in Imus National High School, make their lives as pleasant as possible, lead them to be fully engaged in the struggle as life thus develop all their talents.

The present enrollment system used in Imus National High School is done manually. Manual system of enrollment caused a lot of inaccuracy and efficiency in processing the records and data of student. Too much time and effort are consumed. This study intends to find solution on the currently existing difficulties in Imus National High School when it comes to enrollment.

The general purposed of Computerized Enrollment System is to come up with a computerized enrollment system and to provide a high technology way of retrieving and managing student data that stored in database for Imus National High School. Specific

. The system designed for the following purpose:

* Provide a computerized enrollment system that has the ability to track records, make corrections and that can generate data fast and effective. * Provide a system that can secure all the information and record of the students. * Provide a system that will lessen the workloads of the teachers and the administration. *  To have a system that can give the students a successful enrollment system.

Today, population of students in all educational institution is rapidly increasing so great demand in teaching force is becoming higher. This study will be a great help to the following: * Principal and faculty member:

This study will help them to process the records and to keep and handle the information of students for the convenience of the student and personnel assign to enrollment in this educational institution. * Student :

This study will help the student to minimize the effort and time they exert to accessing and retrieving information regarding to the enrollment. * School:
It provides easy and fast approach in registration and enrollment.
This study will be limited only to the boundaries of Computerized Enrollment System in Imus National High School. The researchers focused in getting relevant data including the data of student and computation of necessary fees, this will able to print a receipt for the student who enrolled. This System has the ability to saved, record and edit those data and important information about the student. DEFINITION OF TERMS

System - An organized and coordinated method or a procedure.






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