Structure of text response

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Structure of Text Response
Part 2 (The Sandwich plan)
1. To construct a clear and logical argument
2. To show that you know and understand the text.

Introduction (about 6 sentences)

(i) Start: The title of the text (must be underlined) + the author/director no more than 2 sentences outlining the basic story. (ii) Define the key words of the topic (the topic means the essay question) (iii) State the contention (the main argument)

(iv) Introduce the main points you will make in the essay that supports the contention.

Model: e.g: TKAMB is a totally depressing novel. Do you agree?

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird focuses on the problems facing Scout and her family in the small town of Maycomb in the southern states of America during the 1930’s. In some ways, the text conveys a negative message about humanity. The so supposedly God – fearing people are actually racist and hypocritical. Furthermore, there is a clear class structure which divides the white people and causes anger and resentment. On the other hand, the text is not entirely depressing. Many people show courage such as Atticus who is willing sacrifice his popularity for his principles. In addition, at the end there are glimmers of hope that prejudice can be overcome. Therefore, while this iconic novel is largely pessimistic, ultimately is sends an uplifting message.

The Body (There are 3 – 4 body paragraphs.)
Each body paragraph contains one point and the following items. a) The key sentence or topic sentence (this is the first sentence of the last paragraph and it contains the point of the paragraph.

b) 2 -3 sentences that expand and develop the point you made in the key sentence.

c) 2 – 3 examples from the text that illustrate the point. No more than 2 sentences for each example and within the paragraphs you give the examples in the order that they come in the text.

d) At least one quote to illustrate the point.

e) One sentence that...
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