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Levels of Sociological Analysis Macrosociology - places the focus on broad features of society. Conflict theory and functionalists use macrosociology. The goal is to examine large scale social forces that influence people. Microsociology - the emphasis is placed on social interaction. The Macrosociological Perspective The Macrosociological Perspective Social structure - the framework of society that was already laid out before you were born. Social structure guides our behavior. People learn certain behaviors and attitudes because of their location in the social structure. Differences are not due to biology, but to people’s location in the social structure. Culture Culture- a group’s language, beliefs, values, behaviors, material objects, and even gestures. Culture is the broadest framework that determines what kind of people we become. The specifics will vary by social location. Social Class To understand people, we must examine the particular social locations that they hold in life. Social class- is based on income, education, and occupational prestige. Social class influences our behaviors, ideas, and attitudes. Social Status

Status - the position that an individual occupies. The position may carry a great deal of prestige, or be a position of low honor. Ascribed Status: involuntary. Achieved Status:earned. Master Status: cuts across the other statuses you hold. Status set - all of the statuses or positions that you occupy. Status symbols - signs that identify a status. Master statuses- those that cut across the other statuses that you hold. Roles Roles- the behaviors, obligations, and privileges attached to a status. You occupy a status, but you play a role. The sociological significance of roles is that they lay out what is expected of people. Groups A group - consists of people who regularly and consciously interact with one another. They may share similar values, norms, and expectations. Involuntary memberships- groups that provide little option to...
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