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Durkheim, as one of the first group in developing social concepts and sociology, has phrased ‘social fact as a thing’ as a new theory at that period, which also determined and paved the way for his other sociological theories such as anomie and suicide (Durkheim, 1982). Durkheim generalized that every behavioral pattern whether it is fixed or not, so long as can restrain people from external, as the term of social fact. In other words, social fact is like a table putting in the middle of one corridor which ward if someone wants to go opposite side of some customs and habits or moral values. In addition, Durkheim analyzed anomie is one of the most important issue in his theory, which is one chaotic expression of social fact, it has no such unabridged rules to the social norm (Durkheim, 1984). Durkheim linked anomie to social facts and suicides in his theory, which is logical and causal and can still suit in explaining the phenomenon of current society. The data of suicide rates has been analyzed by Durkheim to evaluate suicide reasons and its group information, include their backgrounds, religions, genders and educations (Durkheim, 1951). Widely speaking, Durkheim believed that, social fact is a circumstance which made by groups not only individuals, then, because of some half-baked system or some problems there arise some social anomie. Because of some social anomie such as cyber bullying, some people cannot pass through it then there arise the phenomenon of suicide behavior (Pescosolido & Georgianna, 1989). Durkheim’s theories are used to method about cyber world and cyber bullying and not only theories and problems have been analyzed by Durkheim, but also some solutions have been analyzed to help and regulate the situations.


Firstly, in Durkheim’s theory, he suggested that social fact is the every phenomenon made by groups or whole society. Every individual action such as eat, sleep or drink cannot be measured as a social fact (Jones, 2001). He insists that social facts are ‘non-organic’, and consist in ‘representations and actions’, it is a thing distinct from its individual manifestations (Durkheim, 1982). It is obviously that, as the rapid development of science and technology, nowadays people are living under a global cyber world. The cyber world was created by whole humanity, in order to promote communications between people and people through different media groups. Cyber world was created in good reasons, which not only propel the science and technology, but also accommodate human’s living. The most important is that cyber world creates a fictitious world for people (Kowalski, Limber & Agatston, 2012). By using Durkheim’s theory of social fact, the appearance of cyber world can be analyzed as one social fact in current society. For example, teenagers are born to know about cyber world, it just like an inherent phenomenon in the world. Teenagers are “composed” to know and accept this social fact since they born. The term “compose” does not mean some power what forcing teenagers to know and accept the cyber world, but because of the big environment of this social fact, teenagers do not have ways to avoid this social fact, and in fact, they do not need to avoid it (Kowalski, Limber & Agatston, 2012). This social fact is so strong that may influence every different kind of groups and individuals. This social fact, cyber world, existing out of each individual, but has the ability to influence each individual. In other worlds, individuals cannot change this social fact, but may be influenced and changed (Durkheim, 1982). Durkheim brought the theory of social fact in order to understand every phenomenon which created by whole society and influence every individual just like cyber world. In addition, Durkheim has analyzed two patterns of social facts. First one is material social facts which include social facts happened in society, or are structural components of society for example churches,...
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