Skeletal System

Topics: Skull, Bones of the head and neck, Skeletal system Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: January 25, 2013
skeletal system is divided into 2 divisions : the AXIAL SKELETON and the APPENDICULAR SKELETON. the axial skeleton consists of your SKULL, HYOID BONE, and VERTEBRAL COLUMN. and then your APPENDICULAR SKELETON consists of your SHOULDER GIRDLE, UPPER EXTREMITIES, and LOWER EXTREMITIES. your skull is the superior portion of your axial skeleton, wherein you can find your frontal bone, that forms the anterior third of your cranial dome, parrietal bone, that forms the middle segment of the cranial dome, the occipital bone, that forms the posterior part of the cranial dome. we have also the temporal bone which are at the sides of the cranium, extending inward that forms part of the cranial floor. then we have the sphenoid bone, it is a butterfly shaped bone that forms the anterior floor and the sides of the cranium, we have also the ethmoid bone, it forms part of the anterior cranial floor, extending inferiorly to the eye orbits that forms the roof of the nasal cavity. then the nasal bones that are joint at the midline that forms the superior margin of the nasal opening.then the zygomatic bone that forms the upper lateral corner of the cheek from the lower eye orbit around to the temporal bone. then the mandible or the lower jaw bone and the maxilla or the lower jaw bone. then let's move on to the hyoid bone. hyoid bone is not really part of the vertebral column . this bone is a u-shaped bone in our throat .it serves as an attachment for the tongue muscles and cnnective tissue associated with the larynx.
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