Silas Marner

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Sometimes justice hurts when receiving “just deserts”

Set in the early nineteenth century, George Elliot's novel, Silas Marner, is about the life of a weaver, Silas Marner, and the lives of the townspeople whose fates intertwine with his. Silas lives in Lantern Yard until he is falsely accused of theft and found guilty. Silas leaves Lantern Yard and moves to Revaloe, where he is an outsider. He is viewed as suspicious because of his special skills and because he is from an unfamiliar town. The townspeople see Silas as odd because of the occasional cataleptic fits he suffers from, and his strange life of solitude that he lives. With little to live for, Silas becomes infatuated with his hoard of golden guineas that he earns from working. He takes his money out at night to count and to enjoy the happiness and light they bring to him. Silas continues living in this way for fifteen years, until the night his gold is stolen.  It is on this night that Silas crosses fates with Dunstan Cass and later he crosses fates with Godfrey Cass. An important theme in George Elliot's novel is "just deserts" which is seen through Silas’s, Godfrey’s and Dunsey’s actions and the consequences of their actions. ​

Though Silas has been accused of doing wrong he stays humble and kind and in the end he is given righteousness. In Lantern Yard, Silas is accused of stealing the church money from the senior deacon and after finding evidence, Silas’s pocket knife, at the scene and the empty money bag at Silas’s house, “the lots declared that Silas Marner was guilty” (p.12) Silas claims he is set up by his friend William. He approaches William and accuses him of being the true thief. Silas says to William, “The last time I remember using my knife, was when I took it out to cut a strap for you. I don’t remember putting it in my pocket again. You stole the money, and you have woven a plot to lay the sin at my door.” (p.12) Silas decides to leave Lantern Yard and moves to Raveloe. Despite the...
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