What is the Climax of Silas Marner?

Topics: Silas Marner, Climax, George Eliot Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Exposition: 1-10
The Exposition is the time where Silas lived in Lantern Yard, till the time he lives his life as a reclusive. Rising Action: 11-16
The Rising Action is when Dunstey blackmails Godfrey through Squire Cass’s Party Climax: 12-22
The Climax is when Molly Farren tries to go to the Cass Party throught Silas resolution to keep the golden haired toddler. Falling Action: 23-27
The Falling Action is from the time where Eppie is 18 till Silas and Eppie return to Lantern Yard. Resolution: 28
Eppie is married to Aaron Wintrop
Climax- Explanation
The reason I think that the Climax is from the time that Molly Farron tries to go to Squire Cass’s party and expose Godfrey till Silas resolution to keep the toddler is because these are the events that turn the story around. Before Molly came and was discovered dead in the snow, Godfrey was in constant paranoia that either Dunstey would expose his secret or Molly would come to his home. When Molly was found dead, he was free to pursue Nancy and not hold back. Another reason that this is the climax is because before Silas found Eppie, his life was centered on gold, and when that was taken he felt as if had nothing to live for. After he found Eppie, Silas’s life was reborn and he became regarded as an exceptional person in Raveloe. Even when his gold was returned to him, he didn’t hold it up as an idol as he did before he met Eppie.

1. Silas lived in Lantern Yard where he is considered a young man of exemplary life and ardent faith 2. Silas has a cataleptic fit and his friend William Dane says it was a visit from the Devil 3. Silas is accused of stealing the gold

4. The gold is found in Silas’s chamber and Silas is pronounced guilty of stealing the gold 5. William Dane marries Silas’s fiancé Sarah
6. Silas leaves Lantern Yard
7. In Raveloe, Silas is a weaver
8. His greatest joy in his life is counting his money
9. Silas helps Sally Oates and people begin to come to him...
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