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Topics: Prison, Penology, Reform movement Pages: 3 (477 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Topic: [define as clearly as possible]

Focus Buildings: [list the 2 or 3 buildings on which you will focus]

Thesis: The Chatham County Jail was designed in response to the prison reform movement, which emphasized the humane treatment of prisoners.

Paragraph 1: Introduction: Overview and Significance of Chatham County Jail
- Chatham County commission competition to replace old jail at Howard and `````````````````Hall Streets in Savannah
- commission granted to the McDonald Brothers of Louisville, Kentucky
- McDonald Brothers known for excellence in jailhouse design
- Resulted in one of the most humane prisons in the country
- prime example of prison reformation

Paragraph 2: Early prisons focused on containment and punishment of prisoners
- survey of 18th-century prisons in England
- discuss old prison treatment of offenders
- identify and discuss Newgate Prison and York prison

Paragraph 3: A key component of early prisons was their cellular structure
- division of inmates
- ward division (common and master's)

Paragraph 4: Terrible conditions in early prisons precipitated a prison reform movement in the 18th century
- introduce the Fleet prison as an example
- discuss the conditions of the jail
- introduce James Oglethorpe and his reformation ideas
- details of successful prison reform

Paragraph 5: The prison reform movement led to changes in English law and spread to America within a few decades
- penitentiary Act of 1779
- discuss standards and new laws
- prison reform in America

Paragraph 6: The McDonald Brothers of Louisville actively supported the prison reform movement
- reintroduction of McDonald Brothers
- architects' history in field
- discussion of brothers' jail designs

Paragraph 7: The Chatham County Jail design directly reflected the values of the prison reform movement
- one of the most complete and humane prisons in the country
- gender separation
- finest...
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