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H&C-3-730 Rooms Division Management

Topic 1

Management Functions in Rooms Division

Learning Objectives
Explain the major role of rooms division in a hotel.
Identify the roles and responsibilities of rooms division manager. Describe the management process in terms of the seven functions of rooms division managers perform to achieve organizational objectives.

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Kasavana ML, Brooks RM, Managing Front Office Operations, 8th edition, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, 2009, chapter 2 and 12.
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Topic 1
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Management Functions in Rooms Division

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H&C-3-730 Rooms Division Management

Introduction to Rooms Division
The rooms division comprises departments and personnel essential to providing the accommodation services that guests expect during a hotel stay. The rooms division generates more revenue than all other divisions combined in most hotels. Rooms division is composed of front office department and housekeeping departments. Sample operating sections within rooms division in a hotel:

Rooms Division
Front Office


Front Desk

Floor Cleaning


Public Area Cleaning


Uniform and Linen

Guest Relations


Roles and Responsibilities of Rooms Division Manager
Roles: jobs or positions that have a specific set of expectations attached to them. Responsibilities: a duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task (assigned by someone, or created by one’s own promise or circumstances) that one must fulfill, and which has a consequent penalty for failure. Roles:

Rooms division manager is a senior management position of a hotel, reports to the hotel general manager, leading the front office and housekeeping departments. He or she is expected to take up the customer relations, team leader, sales development, and department administrator roles.

The responsibilities of a room division manager vary depending on the size of the hotel and the number of managers employed. He or she is in charge of the

Topic 1
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Management Functions in Rooms Division

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H&C-3-730 Rooms Division Management

organisation and quality of front office and housekeeping services offered to guests; responsible for good financial and qualitative results for the department; helps define and implement hotel strategy; and ensures respect of internal and external audit procedures.

Customer Relations
Develops close relationships with guests throughout their stay with the aim of gaining their loyalty
Is often present in the lobby and at reception in order to meet guests on a daily basis
Ensures that guests receive a warm and personal welcome
Knows the behaviour patterns of regular guests and issues instructions to the different teams within the department
Handles guest complaints if they have not been dealt with by team members Presents the General Manager with a daily report on activities and events Team Management (as a team leader)
Supervises and coordinates the front office and housekeeping departments: ensures they are well organised and run smoothly
Is in constant contact with the other departments and ensures that information circulates smoothly between them
Is responsible for consistency and coherence between different teams Involves and motivates his/her teams
Ensures headcount matches the level of activity
Recruits the Heads of Department under his/her responsibility Takes part in or validates the recruitment of all team members Carries out annual performance appraisals on the people directly under his/her responsibility, sets targets and provides support for career development Validates the annual performance appraisals carried out by the Heads of Department

Respects and ensures respect of...
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