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Robotics Program

By coeus101 Jun 19, 2013 406 Words

Claret Robotics Team members have showcased their talents and excelled in many ways by participating in the following activities below:

Philippine Robotics Olympiad

The Philippine Robotics Olympiad is an annual science
educational event that primarily aims to challenge the
intellectual skills and critical thinking of elementary and high school students.


The Philippine Robotics Olympiad aims to:
* support the Philippine’s aggressive campaign towards the promotion of science and technology interests among the
youth, particularly, in Robotics as one of the new alternative media of effective learning.
* integrate an interplay of “instructivism” and “constructivism” as an effective medium in teaching Robotics towards the
discovery of promising Robotics-Scientists.
* create and strengthen harmonious relationship and
camaraderie among the participating schools, its students and educators nationwide.
* offer new perspective and great opportunities in relation to the rising demands of Robotics in the local and international scene.

The 9th Philippine Robotics Olympiad kept the whole team busy for School year 2010-2011. Preparations began during the summer months of April and May and extended up to September 10, 2010 for the final judging.

CRT conducted a Robotics demonstration at the launching ceremony of the 9th Philippine Robotics Olympiad which was held at the Quezon City Science Interactive Center located at the 2nd Floor, Robotics Room Nueva Ecija Street, Bago Bantay Quezon City last June 16, 2010. CRT participated in the dry-run which was held at the Philippine Science High school in Quezon City on August 7, 2010

CRT joined in the Preliminary Judging at the SM North Annex Bldg. CyberZone, 4th Floor, Quezon City on September 8, 2010. Both it’s high school and elementary teams qualified in the finals. It was participated by over 100 teams from all over the Philippines. Only 30 teams moved into the Finals.

CRT competed in the Finals of the 9th Philippine Robotics Olympiad. The HS Regular Category team ranked 7th overall and were given medals for making it to the top 10. The HS Open category placed 6th overall.

Although CRT did not make it to the top 3. The team did not miss the opportunity of watching the World Robot Olympiad held in Manila, Philippines on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010, at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City— More than 1,200 contestants from 22 countries joined the 2010 World Robot Olympiad. I was an awesome learning experience for CRT as they witnessed how other countries designed and program their robots.

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