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Event: Techfest 2013 | Technical Fest Organised by: IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra Key dates: Fest dates: 3rd-5th January 2013 Last date: Details: Techfest is the Annual Science and Technological Festival of IIT Bombay. Being the Asia’s largest Science and Technological Festival and patronised by UNESCO, Techfest is proud to bring to you its sixteenth edition from 3rd to 5th January 2013. Techfest 2012 saw a footfall of more than 92,000 students with over 25,000 students from India and abroad participating in various events. From challenging Competitions to Lectures by noted luminaries, from incredible workshops to funfilled O-zone, Techfest 2013 will have everything to conquer one’s imagination. With more than 150 events spread over the 3 days and total prize money of over 17 lakhs, Techfest has always offered the best to all its participants as well as the visitors.

Around 10,000 Pune college and school students are interested in coming to Techfest this year and this time, Techfest has received huge and increasing participation from Pune schools. Events:

Lined up this year are around 50 exhibits from over 20 countries from the famed HIRO robot, Xachikoma from France, MIT Media lab, AirBurr from Switzerland and many more which will bring to life the essence of robotics and the basic sciences. SOINN based HIRO Robot(Hasegawa Lab, Tokyo): This robot can think, learn and act by itself using artificial intelligence. It is being developed by the Hasegawa Group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The robot can think in a way similar to humans, because it can make educated guesses and decisions based on its past experiences and knowledge.

HOVIS Eco(Metal Mate, India): One of the most advanced humanoids in the world today, it is a home multiplayer robot for different functions with Interactive mobile content monitor. It will be acting autonomously with the crowd around doing various stunts like exercising, dancing etc. to impress the humans! Hovis can be used for monitoring remote health care, for example, measuring the heart rate. It will be displaying more than 5000 features at Techfest 2013! XACHIKOMA(France): The Xachikoma is a cute SUV-sized mobile robot, it has four articulated legs terminated with wheels as well as an articulated head. Their design is largely inspired by jumping spiders and the way they move, their high-piched voice and their innocent artificial intelligence makes them probably the most expressive and likeable

non-humanoid robot. Xachikoma won Creativity Award winner in French cup and participated in Eurobot-2011 Finals. MIT Media Lab(MIT, USA): NETRA, a project of Camera Culture MIT Media Lab introduces a portable and inexpensive solution for estimating refractive errors in the human eye.The system capable of computing the refractive error for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. Till date, NETRA has received many awards like Vodafone America's Foundation Wireless Innovation Project Winner, MIT Global Challenge Award, LAUNCH Health Innovation Award.

AirBurr(Switzerland): A robot designed specifically to study the physical interaction between flying robots and their environment. The design of AirBurr takes inspiration from insects which regularly collide with obstacles and manage to recover. The robot can control its own speed like an insect and can understand the layout of the location by colliding with other objects. Keio XLab(Keio University, Japan): The Keio Xlab from Tokyo will be showcasing four major technological innovations at Techfest viz. NeonDough, Techtile toolkit, Living Floccus and Walking Tree.  WalkingTree- WalkingTree is a walking botanical robot. A user collects branches and plants from nature, and attach them to the robot's pot and legs. When the robot reaches a sunny place, its solar cells charge and the plants will start to photosynthesize. WalkingTree generates electricity by solar energy as if it were a moving plant. QUADROTOR UAV From- Robosoft...
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