Qa 380 Quiz 1

Topics: Flowchart, Management, Diagram Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: November 28, 2012
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* PERFORMANCE measures that are established for a process are known as metrics. T * Once a process is identified, defined, evaluated, and redesigned, the benefits of the process analysis cycle are realized. F * A service blueprint is a flowchart of a service process that shows which of its steps has high customer contact. T * The general principle that 80% of a company’s revenue is generated by 20% of its customers is known as the pareto concept. * A fishbone diagram identifies which category is most frequently observed out of all the categories for which you have data. F

1. a voluntary system by which employees submit their ideas on process improvements is used in the: opportunity identification phase of process analysis 2. the step in process analysis that immediately follows the process documentation phase is the : evaluate performance phase 3. the resources that management assigns to improving or reengineering the process should: match the process’s scope 4. process analysis focuses on: how work is actually done 5. an effective tool for showing steps of a service process with a high level of customer contact is: service blueprint 6. which one of the following statements concerning flowcharts is NOT true. The dotted line of visibility separates activities subcontracted form those done in house 7. all of the following are steps in setting a time standard using the time study method EXCEPT: Consulting cost accounting data

8. the manager of a supermarket would like to know which of several quality problems to address first. A tool that would be most helpful would be a: perato chart 9. a restaurant manager tracks complaints from the diner satisfaction cards that are turned in at each table. The data collected from the past week’s diners appear 10. the first step of the systematic approach to process analysis is (opportunity) 11. process (scope) is the boundary of the process to be analyzed. 12. A...
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