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There are three classifications of UML diagrams:

• Behavior diagrams. A type of diagram that depicts behavioral features of a system or business process. This includes activity, state machine, and use case diagrams as well as the four interaction diagrams. • Interaction diagrams. A subset of behavior diagrams which emphasize object interactions. This includes communication, interaction overview, sequence, and timing diagrams. • Structure diagrams. A type of diagram that depicts the elements of a specification that are irrespective of time. This includes class, composite structure, component, deployment, object, and package diagrams.

|Diagram |Description |Learning Priority | |Activity Diagram |Depicts high-level business processes, including data flow, or to model the |High | | |logic of complex logic within a system. | | |Class Diagram |Shows a collection of static model elements such as classes and types, their |High | | |contents, and their relationships. | | |Communication Diagram |Shows instances of classes, their interrelationships, and the message flow |Low | | |between them. Communication diagrams typically focus on the structural | | | |organization of objects that send and receive messages. Formerly called a | | | |Collaboration Diagram. | | |Component Diagram |Depicts the components that compose and application, system, or enterprise. |Medium | | |The components, their interrelationships, interactions, and their public | | | |interfaces are depicted. | | |Composite Structure Diagram |Depicts the internal structure of a classifier(such as a class, component, or|Low | | |use case), including the interaction points of the classifier to other parts | | | |of the system. | | |Deployment Diagram |Shows the execution architecture of systems. This includes nodes, either |Medium | | |hardware or software execution environments, as well as the middleware | | | |connecting them. | | |Interaction Overview Diagram |A variant of an activity diagram which overviews the control flow within a |Low | | |system or business process. Each node/activity within the diagram can | | | |represent another interaction diagram. | | |Object Diagram |Depicts objects and their relationships at a point in time, typically a |Low | | |special case of either a class diagram or a communication diagram. | | |Package Diagram |Show how model elements are organized into packages as well as the |Low | |...
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