MBA 731

Topics: Mexican cuisine, Restaurant, Food Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: October 18, 2013
Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is one of reasonable broad range of traditional Mexican food; where it is located in New England. The restaurant’s design, decoration, and music are representing the Mexican style. Thus, create an atmosphere that allows for people to have a real taste for Mexican food and Mexican background music. Recently, there have been huge declining in the customer tips which put business at risk. Karetski “The manager”, did a survey to know why the customer is declining, not only that, but it also helps the companies to analysis the process and measure the quality they are providing. The survey that has been given to a customer illustrates that the quality of the restaurants is poor. The quality emphasizes customer satisfaction. Jose’s restaurants need certain things to work on and improve the work process to be improving the quality and back again to gain a competitive advantage. Slow services, value, distasteful food, and overwork are parts main issues of poor quality. There are two ways to identify the issues internally or externally. The internal failure cost at the restaurant caused because of the slow services and undesirable food and its impact on customer satisfaction. The Case demonstrates that the Restaurant face an issue of the time maintains; where food preparation takes a long time. Typical time needed is 12 min to complete the meal, but sometimes it’s taking more than 20 min due the delay in the kitchen. This cause a slow in services and customer wait longer. This raises another issue which is restaurant design is not suitable for the customer who comes and order food “To Go”; where there no seats available and customer stand and wait. The capacity of the restaurant and employee is not meeting the customer number which raises; which led to an external failures cost. For instance, the waitress is overworked in the kitchen, and the customer is sitting and waiting thus makes customer feels ignored and it gives bad feedback....
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