Physical Education

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Physical Education

Tell me, and I may forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I may understand. I. History

During the primitive era, there was no formal physical education. People went on hunting, fishing and running to search for food.
In Greece, two city states rose above all others, Sparta and Athens.The Spartans were conquerors. The Spartans aimed at training a powerful body of soldiers. Spartan citizen were prepared to defend themselves and their country at all times. In Athens, education was aimed to develop a full rounded individual of mind and body. Until the age of seven, an Athenian boy lives at home. From 7-16, the boy divided his time between music school and palaestra gymnasium. Discipline was severe and corporal punishment was used extensively.

In China, emphasis was done on the teaching of Confucius. Kung Fu was given emphasis. In India, Yoga was popularized.
Physical education experienced a fall back during the Dark Ages. The Olympics which was first conducted in Athens, Greece was put to a halt by conqueror Theodocius. However, it gained its prominence again after sometime.

One of the greatest contributions of the Americans to the Filipinos is Physical Education instruction. Some of the famous team sports nowadays were invented by the Americans like basketball, volleyball, baseball and tennis.

Physical Education today is different from physical education ten or twenty years ago. Today, physical educators emphasize sensitive caring practices carried out in a developmentally appropriate sequence. The field has set national standards and all physical education teachers are expected to strive to help their students meet these standards. But while striving hard to meet the national standards, every teacher works hard to meet the individual's need. The overall goal is not athletic prowess but rather individual skill development and health-related fitness as well as psychological well being. In this way, every student will enjoy engaging in physical activities and would want to be physically active for life.

It also enhances academic learning. It helps meet the overall mission of the school. It employs authentic assessment strategies, treats students with respect and dignity and applies instructional and motivational techniques rooted in the latest techniques.

II. Goals of Physical Education

The goal of Physical Education is to create safe, enjoyable and positive experiences for each child through physical activity. Each child is a unique individual and needs to be recognized for his own strengths. Through Physical Education, the imagination can run wild, the mind can strategize and the body can be put into motion, each at their own pace. With this in mind, the objectives of Physical Education are to create physically fit individuals with a desire to continue in a lifestyle that reflects physical activity. The main goal of physical education is FITNESS.

III. Fitness

Fitness is the capacity of each individual to accomplish daily tasks with alertness and vigor. This implies that physical fitness is a personal matter and must be viewed within the context of individual's daily life activities. It is the ability of an individual to live a satisfying life. To achieve this, a person must be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

A. Aspects of Physical fitness
• improve the total health of the individual in various ways • increase cognitive capacity, enhancing readiness to learn academic performance, enthusiasm for learning and the ability to make knowledgeable choices regarding health and life in general • enhance the self-esteem of the individual as well as positive interpersonal relationship responsible behavior and independence.

A person who is physically fit possesses strength, power and endurance. He works...
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